Download The Duplicate Application Form Here

Below is the application form in order to download the duplicate application form , some times the below link may not work properly due to some small changes , at that mean time we are requested please do refresh the page so that you will easily get the application form to work online though the application form will not open in the new window at that times just click here so that the application form will be available over there in the below link , If you want to now More information about ration card please do comment here so that you our tram will clarify all your doubts asap . Mean while below is the application form link in order to download the application form , after you make the download the application form just read it all the rules that  we are just showed over there so that you will get an idea how to fill that application form with out any mistake.
Once the application form will be ready to be submitted you need to kept some points in your mind that you need to fill that application form with out any mistake if you make any mistake that you are going to fill the other correction form online all you need to fill the name and address and previous form with out any mistake , suppose if you make any mistake while you were filling the application form , then check it out here , the correction form link so that you will get an idea in order to fill the application form over there . The food suppliers and government  of India has been taken the further steps in order to launch the new website for the people in india, each state has an one website so that you will get to know all of the information in state wide website only , most of the websites has been working under the construction and soon will be launch in 2016 i think so , each website will hold all of the information related to state wide website only . So, for example if you need to know more information in telangana state then you need to check it out in google as civil suppliers in telangana ,  the first link that has been displayed in google is actual website.
If you have nay doubts inn above application do comment hers so that our team will clarify all your doubts asap. The website is still under construction you need to get to know all information once you will reach the application form to ration card fair shop , or just please subscribe us so that whenever we launch the new article it will directly get in to your in box.