How To Download Ration Card Online In India

Today we are going to share on how to download ration card online in india. This article will let you know the information about on how to download E ration card online. This quick through guide will give the brief details about the process of getting rashan card download information. If you have any doubts related to this subject do comment here, we are here to help you out (updated 2016).The process of downloading the e ration card online is quite easy all you need to get the rashan card number in order to track the details via online.If you need to find out any details you can check it out here, the process of second step verification of ration card.

The food supplier department has been launched a state wide website. Each state has an website, that website will share all of the information related to ration card , like as apply ration card online , bpl ration card , food security card ,ration card details and other information Will be displayed in that website. Now, you can download ration card online in india. 

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Most of the websites are content oriented source website.You may not get all of the information , but in some state wide website you can retrieve your info via online and further more you can download eration card. Below we share the complete info on how to download the ration card online If you have any doubts related to this section do comment here. We are here to help you out.

ration card download

In order to download ration card online, you must have an RC number. The RC number is presented on the top right corner on the rashan card.The following details is necessary in order to retrieve the data from the portal website. NOTE : not all websites are not like format ,some may required only rc number and other website will required some what more information.

  1. Your RC number
  2. Your old RC number ( not mandatory )
  3. Your name
  4. Your address
  5. Head of the family person name
  6. Other information as per that website.
Once you were entered in that website list, the website will start retrieving the information and further you can get it.

The following example is only for Delhi website. List of other state wide websites has been shared below.

The list of complete website’s we share just below. Have a look. If you have any doubts related to this section do comment here. We are here to help you out.


1) Here is the link for to download the rashan in delhi , once you were visited the delhi website. You can see an list of application forms that were shown below. Make sure to enter all of the details in that website for to download the ration card online. If you have any doubts related to this section do comment here at the end of the post. We will reply to your doubt as soon as possible. The following link is only an example , the list of other state wide website has been shared below. Have a look. Most of the sites were under construction. Once, they were launched we will let you know the details via emial id.

List of info that were shown in that website are as follows :
  • Aadhaar card number of any family member
  • NFS application ID
  • New ration card number
  • Old ration card number
2) Now , click on search. The portal website will retrieve all your details and you can now download rashan card online with out any worries.What if you can’t able to get your details via online ? what to do ?

If your details are not been listed below what to do ? How to download new e ration card online. Is there any other way to download ? 

Here are some of the most possible ways to figured it out via online. If the following website was unable to retrieve the data.
  • Make sure to enter the correct aadhaar card number ( Enter head of the family person name aadhaar card number )
  • Make sure the rashan number is entered right ! 
  • Application ID is not mandatory ( It only used to track status of ration card )
  • If you got new rashan number instead of old one ( enter old ration card number )
  • Now , click on search and retrieve the info.

There may be a so many reason why you were unable to download the rashan card online. We would like to share some of the reason over here so that you will get an idea. The main reason are as follows.

  1. You ration card details has not been stored government website
  2. You have not updated your ration card since so many years.You have been not linking to aadhaar card or any other government identity cards.
  3. The food supplier department is not added your info in their data base.
  4. Addition , deletion of name , any other updates are not done in past.

The above are some of the reasons that you were unable to download the ration card via online. But , if you need to get the ration card or if you have been lost. Then there is a chance to get it not via online, through offline.


If you were unable to download ration card online , then there is chance to get the other copy via offline. The offline method is much more easy then online, but the only drawback is time consume. So, how you get the other copy of rasan card online if you have been unfortunately lost or want to to get the duplicate one then this tutorial will help you out.

1) Contact near by any ration card office or any food supplier department office near by your home town.

2) Request them to allow the duplicate ration card, then you the ration shop will tell you the list of information on how to get in 2016.

  • Fill an application form ( head of the family person mandatory ).
  • Attach the list of documents
  • Attach a passport photo copy.
  • Xerox copy of old ration card if you have
  • Submit the info.

3) Once, you will submit the info, you will get an acknowledgement number in order to find the status of rashan card. 

4) With in a 1-2 weeks you will receive the new rashan card to your address or the ration shop owner will inform you about the list of info and other information as well in 2016.

5) That’s the procedure to download rashan card online.


If you have any doubts related to this section then do comment here.  We are here to help you out.

List of state wide websites to download the ration card online in 2016.