How To Apply Ration Card Online In India – Complete Guide

Ration blog , we are one of the leading content developers in the market to give the most valuable content for the users . The ration online blog will give most of the information on how to apply duplicate rasan card , track rasan card status and other information as well. If you need to know more information regarding rashan card then do comment here .Our team will always try to help you out regarding this . Okay ! Today we are going to share on how to apply ration online in india 2015 or 2016 with complete steps by step information. Below is the complete information so that you will get an idea in 2015 or 2016 [ updated ]


The food supplier in india has already launched the best of the information on rasan card in different state wide website , website list and information has been stated here so that you will get which website to check out , in order to apply ration card , you need to know some information like what are the documents that are required in order to apply and complete id proof also be stated here . Not to mention brief , the following documents are must in order to apply rashan card . Complete step by step process to apply ration card here 2015 / 2016.
Ration Card Online
1) Before , you need to apply ration card you will need and application form , the application form has been stated below . Click on that link in order to download the ration card . After all that just follow those steps that has been described below so that you will get an idea .


2) Click here to download the application form in order to apply online , 
 Apply Ration Card Online In India
3) Then after just fill that application form with out any mistake . Common people like you and me will make several mistake while filling that application form and ended up with the correction form . We do share the complete information on what are the mistake that you need not to make while applying for rasan card online in india.

4) Now , all you need to submit that application form near to any rasan card fair shop or any food supplier shop so that they will check out the complete information weather you are provide are fake or real . Once your application form is submitted you ill get an acknowledgement number , please take that number along with you in order to track the status of rasan. 


a) Voter id is one of the most common document that are asking in now a days in order to get the new rasan card online or offline .

b) Aadhar card is also one of the most important document that document will represent your identity card as indian citizen.

c) Driving license if you have 

d) Address proof : The following list to represent the address proof as like 

  1. Electricity Bill 
  2. Water Bill 
  3. Gas LPG connection bill 
  4. ETc
e) Income Tax Certificate 


The above list of documents are important in order to get the ration card online ,the food supplier shop or rashan food department will conform all your identity by checking those documents.once your documents are conformed they will move on to weather you are eligible for white ration card , pink ration card or yellow rasan card . The application form will be and ration card applicable will completely depend on them by checking which rashan card will be deserve for you in 2015 / 2016.


For a short description , in order to apply online in 2016 or 2015 , you must need to visit the following website that were listed below check it out , to apply offline the above process will take show you how , just download the application form here . Then after fill that application form with all your personal information and submitted that document near to any rasan card fair shop , you need to take an entire family photo over there . Once your documents are verified then you ill get an receipt number or acknowledgement number to check the status of ration in 2015 or 2016 online . That’s it ! Below are the complete list of documents that are required and Id proof and list of eligible criteria for white ration card , pink rasan card or yellow ration card details as well over there .




Once all your documents where verified you need to get to food supplier or ration card fair shop where the new ration are giving with your complete family . So , that the government will take the family photo and add all the names of rashan card members in your family of that ration card .


If you are farmer , or daily wage worker the chances of getting the yellow ration card for you is more .And , more over your annual income should be less than 15k per month would be come under the yellow ration card . If the food suppler are restricted to give you yellow card , you can contact near to any food supplier head of the branch in order to let them know that you were belong to below poverty line in 2015 / 2016.

Ration Card Online


Pink card is for every one nad white card as some restrictions as well  , who are just above the poverty line and having the decent income like working in an Private company or any government sector .This people will get the pink ration card / white ration card . Having pink card doesn’t mean that you are eligible for all type of benefits form government . Frankly speaking that rashan will only represent your represent id card only .




If you were searching on how to apply for ration card online in india 2015 or 2016 , we are here to share the complete state wide website in order to apply for ration in state wide only . Since , the government as of now not invested in to build the perfect portal website too register the ration card online .May be in future the food suppler government will take a step in order to register ration card online . Below is the list of websites where you can apply ration online , Note : you ill only get the status of ration card and application form in those website in order to apply or register you should go to the rasan card office with all your required documents as well in 2015 / 2016.


Complete state wide website list here check it out , if you need to know any information related to this article then do comment here . 


Andhra Pradesh(AP) – Amarvathi –


Assam(as) – Dispur –


Arunachal pradesh(ar) – Itanagar –


Chhattisgarh(ct) – Raipur –


Goa(ga) – Mumbai –

Gujarat(gj)  ————Ahmedabad ———–

Bihar(br) -Patna –

Haryana(hr) – Chandigarh –

HimachalPradesh(hp) Shimla-

Jammu Kashmir(jk) – Srinagar –

Jharkhand(jh) – Ranchi – 

Karnataka(ka) – Bangalore –

Kerala(kl) – Thiruvananth puram –

Madhya Pradesh(mp) – Bhopal –

Maharashtra(mh) – Mumbai –

Manipur(mr) – Manipuri –

Meghalaya – Shilong – 

Mizoram(mz) – Aizwal –

Nagaland(nl) – Bhubaneswar – 

Odisha(or) – Bhubaneswar –

Punjab(pb) – Chandigarh –

Rajasthan(rj)– Jaipur –


Sikkim(sk) – Gangtok –

Tamil Nadu(tn) – Chennai –

Telangana(tg) – Hyderabad –

Uttarkhand(ut) – Dehradun –

West Bengal(wb) – Kolkata –

Delhi(dl) – Delhi –

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